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Your body possesses an inherent ability to heal itself when provided with the right stimulus. Chiropractic care alleviates interference in the joints and nerves, often caused by factors like poor posture, stress, or injury. Resolving the underlying issue allows the body's natural healing mechanisms to function effectively.

At Bay Tree Chiropractic we work with our patients to unlock and understand their health. Whether looking to resolve an acute problem, improve a longstanding issue or to maintain a good level of movement and wellbeing, our team of practitioners will work with you to develop a care plan to achieve your goals.

We use orthopaedics and neurology as part of our assessment and can order x-rays or MRI scans privately if needed as part of our diagnosis to fully understand your body.

We will then discuss our findings and your options – this usually comprises advise, what your chiropractor can do for you and what you can do to help yourself.

  • Comprehensive care plan tailored to you as an individual
  • Suggested exercises are emailed with supporting videos using the 'RehabmyPatient' service
  • Life-style, nutrition and health coaching advice available
  • Your plan is regularly reviewed and adapted depending on your response to treatment

woman enjoying life
Love your life

Our holistic approach goes beyond conventional chiropractic care offering a range of supplementary therapies.

Our goal is your goal:

Whatever that is, we believe in helping you love your life and not be held back by your body.

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Based in Pennington Village, Hampshire we welcome clients from the local area including Lymington, Everton, Hordle, Milford on Sea, New Milton, Sway, Lyndhurst and Southampton.

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